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Trend Micro Security for Mac standalone-REN 26-50 (p/user), Renewal, 12M

Trend Micro Security for Mac standalone-REN
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  • Varenummer: EI00180215
  • Producentnr: EI00180215
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Trend Micro™ Security (for Mac)™ offers state-of-the-art protection for endpoints from security risks, combined threats and platform-independent web-based attacks. Trend Micro Security (for Mac) Server is a plug-in program that is included in Trend Micro products such as Apex One and Worry-free Business Security integrated and via the plugin Manager framework is installed. Trend Micro Security (for Mac) Server provides agents for endpoints.

With the increased adoption Apple Macintosh computers in business environments, it has become increasingly difficult for enterprises to provide comprehensive virus protection for the entire network. Administrators in heterogeneous corporate networks struggle to deliver the same level of protection to Mac OS-based endpoints and to prevent them from storing and propagating malware - even if targeted at other platforms. Furthermore the growing adoption of Mac OS makes it an increasingly interesting target for profit-driven malware writers, resulting in a growing number of malware attacks targeting the Mac OS platform.
Trend Micro Security for Macintosh leverages Trend Micro Smart Protection Network to proactively limit exposure to threats. Real-time, in-the-cloud Web reputation databases prevent users and applications from accessing malicious web content. Combined with powerful detection capabilities for malware that targets various operating systems, Trend Micro Security for Macintosh supports a consistent security deployment across all endpoints, regardless of their form factor or operating system. As part of Trend Micro Enterprise Security, this solution helps ensure immediate protection and less complexity for all endpoints.
  • TrendLabs
    Trend Micro products are backed by the global threat intelligence of TrendLabs, a network of worldwide research, service and support centers with more than 1,000 security experts committed to constant threat surveillance and attack prevention. Using accurate, real-time data, TrendLabs delivers more effective, timely security measures designed to detect, pre-empt, and eliminate attacks before they can impact your business.
  • Trend Micro enterprise security
    Trend Micro enterprise security is a tightly integrated offering of content security products, services, and solutions optimized to deliver immediate protection that improves automatically. Trend Micro also dramatically reduces the time to acquire, deploy, and manage content security - reducing both risks and costs.
Country of origin: Unknown
End user type: STD
License type: Renewal
Product type: Software
Unit of measurement: Licenses
Product family: EIZAMCE1XLIULR
License program: Enterprise


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