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Trend Micro Hosted Email Sec-Service-REN

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As email is the attacker's first choice for ransomware and targeted attacks, you need the best email security solution on the market to protect your business. Trend Micro builds on XGen™ Security, the most advanced combination of cross-generation threat prevention technologies to detect more phishing emails and malware with proven methods. Centralized management and forwarding of threat information to other layers of security allows email solutions using Trend Micro Apex Central™. This improves visibility and enhances overall protection.

mail is an essential business tool for sending and receiving even the most confidential messages. However, every time you send confidential data over the Internet, you run the risk of a data breach. Organisations want extra security - but without the burden of extra effort.

trend Micro™ Email Encryption solutions keep your email address confidential, simplify compliance, including the >span style="font-weight: bold;"> DSGVO requirements, and reduce administrative costs by eliminating the complexity of encryption.

Email is mission critical, but spam and email-based malware volume is growing exponentially; it's difficult to keep up. At the same time, other critical projects are pending - like voice over IP, adding infrastructure capacity and securing your mobile workforce - but that doesn't mean you can afford to neglect email security maintenance. Doing so will lead to a decline in your email security and spam-blocking effectiveness, which will inevitably lead to email delivery latency, mail server downtime, and even a major network outage. Trend Micro Hosted Email Security is a no maintenance required solution that delivers continuously updated protection to stop spam and email-based malware before they reach your network.
  • Stop spam
    Include technology rated #1 for antispam, according to independent testing by West Coast Labs. Include technology rated #1 for anti-malware, according to independent testing by NSS Labs. Stop 99%+ of all spam and 100% of all email-based viruses - or you're eligible for money back.
  • Save time
    No maintenance required from IT staff since updates, patches and hot fixes are implemented 24 x 7 by Trend Micro security experts. Simplify management with end-user quarantine management, flexible policy creation, and detailed spam digest reporting.
  • Sleep easy
    Deliver up to 10x return on investment (ROI) when compared to on-premise email security products alone. Enable unlimited scanning capacity at a predictable cost, even as email volume grows over time. More than 30,000 companies protected daily in more than 110 countries worldwide.
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License type: Renewal
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